CUTRONE to finally release debut CD, Fight Or Flight, on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018!

Album Description

Led by two singers, male and female, CUTRONE create well-crafted cinematic, alternative pop songs with thoughtful lyrics about relevant themes.  Combines elements of Pop, House, Grunge, Industrial, R & B, World Beat and Jazz with Rock.

Cutrone – Fight or Flight Song Descriptions 

Fight Or Flight – Uptempo, pounding rocker that examines our most basic primal instinct; survival

Now And Forever – Soulful, mid-tempo R&B-influenced song about eternal love

I Will Not Lie To Myself Again – Haunting, symphonic autobiographical ballad about love, betrayal, and self-reflection

Run to You – A cover version of the Bryan Adams hit song re-imagined as a haunting Electronica piano ballad

Children Of God – Alternative, mid-tempo rocker with a Gospel-like chorus that pays homage to the tragedy of the Mathew Sheppard murder that took place in 1998

Behind The Wired Fence – World Beat-inspired, upbeat pop song that examines the struggles of an illegal interracial relationship that took place in the 1970’s in then apartheid-ruled South Africa

Under Our Skin – Uplifting, anthemic piano power ballad that focuses on the emotional struggle of dealing with unseen physical and mental illness, such as Lyme disease, depression, and cancer

– Radio Nights – Uptempo riff rocker that yearns for the 80’s when radio was a major influence on pop culture and the DJ ruled Saturday night.

You Can Count on Me – Soft, piano love ballad written for as a First Dance song as a married couple at our wedding

Kix In The 6ix – Jazzy ode with a hip hop beat to the city of Toronto




1 thought on “CUTRONE to finally release debut CD, Fight Or Flight, on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018!”

  1. Hi, Tony. Thank you for your package. We love the music and the video! We look forward to meeting you and Kendra in person when you come to Europe next month. Ciao for now e stammi bene!


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