CUTRONE release “Fake News”

Although they released “This Christmas” in December, CUTRONE has finally release a long-awaited follow up to their 2019 summer hit, “Summerland”. Their newest release is called, “Fake News”. It is an uptempo reggae-pop number that features poignant lyrics about the state of news media today. In contract to their more serious video for “Summerland” , CUTRONE decided to have some fun with this video. Clearly referencing the comedy, Anchorman, Tony dresses up like Will Ferrell’s character while Dawn dresses to look like Christina Applegate’s character. In between, we have the duo dressed as Donald and Melania Trump shouting “You are fake news!” in the chorus. The fake news in this video is CUTRONE landing on Mars and finding life and, subsequently, rocking with the friendly Martians. A must-see for fans new and old

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